I’m not sure how you landed on this page, but one thing is clear…

You want to make money on the Internet.

Well… Here’s EXACTLY how you do it.

To make money online…

All you need to do is send lots of people (commonly known as TRAFFIC), to an affiliate link where you make a commission when those people buy something they want.

That’s all there is to it.

I’m sick and tired of listening to the total BS that you’re probably used to people feeding you in these kinds of videos.

These crooks are faking their way to wealth… through YOUR wallet.

These idiots have over complicated what is an extremely simple formula.

Again, to make money online, all you do is send traffic to an affiliate link where you make a commission.

That’s it.

The big difficulty EVERYONE faces when starting out is how you generate that traffic, and I’ll reveal exactly how I generate mine in a second.

The rest is easy… And that’s where all these scam artists come into it.

These guys are forcing BS product after product down your throat on ways to bring in “truckloads of traffic” at the push of a button… You’ve probably even tried one or many of them… with absolutely no results.

It makes my blood boil.

But they’re far too selfish to actually show you how to generate it. After all, they want all the traffic themselves for their fancy sales video which is convincing YOU to pull out your wallet for their made up, over hyped nonsense.

I’m sure you know there are hundreds of ways you could theoretically generate traffic…

But one of these methods which has only emerged properly in the past 6 months…

… Is MOBILE traffic.

Chances are, you’ve heard how amazing Mobile traffic is supposed to be recently, and you might have even bought a so called system or product on how to make money with mobile related gizmos…

And if you have… then the chances are even higher that you didn’t make a single cent yet from those products.

Which is weird, because this whole “mobile” boom isn’t just a fad…

… It’s absolutely real.

PayPal alone has grown from taking $750million in mobile payments…

… to $4 BILLION … in ONE YEAR.

Mobile is THE fastest growing industry the world has EVER seen.

And I see a LOT of people talking a lot of whole lot of nothing about making money with mobile, and you probably have too.

Well, there are two possible reasons.

They’re either flat out LYING to you about how they’re making money from mobile, and simply selling you something which “looks good” to make a quick buck…

Or they’re simply just not making money with mobile at all – they just know it’s the hottest trend right now because EVERYBODY is talking about it and decided to put a fancy sales pitch and BS product together…

Right now, the only people making money from mobile are doing it QUIETLY and SNEAKILY.

Apart from me.

See, what I do every day taps in to the 220+ billion pageviews generated every month by mobile advertising worldwide, and growing…

You may have been taught how to tap in to this pot of gold yourself using expensive paid mobile advertising, which costs you for every single click you receive…

Which, let me tell you, isn’t fun or easy.

Even for a seasoned pro like me, there have been days where I’d spent over $7,000 on mobile ads and made a measly $32 commission.

Yeah… OUCH!

If you get paid traffic wrong, you’ll be loosing your shirt in a matter of days.

And plus, for the beginner, it’s no fun putting up a pile of cash upfront and just ‘hoping’ you’ll make a return.

Paid traffic is however the quickest and best way to make money with mobile.

But… I HATE paid traffic for all of its downfalls.

So, I have something to tell you.

For the past 5 months…

These are the same kind of ads you’d be getting if you paid for them…

Ads inside mobile apps which combined get billions upon billions of page views every month… and growing.

Except… These days, I get them for free.

There’s no hacking or trickery involved… Nothing illegal or anything shady at all.

Just good old honest, FREE mobile ads.

Mobile ads which send hordes of hungry traffic to the affiliate link of your choice…

… Which results in cold, hard commissions like these…

Mobile Ads Free, or ‘MAF’ as I call it, is an easy to follow system that reveals exactly how to exploit the explosive mobile application growth for unlimited ad space.

Traffic is automatically and naturally driven to your ads, which appear at the bottom of iPhone and Android applications, from app downloads generated by the application developers themselves – not you!

It sounds complex with all the mobile application jargon, but in reality the system is straightforward and easy to follow.

You can get started right away and be on your way to generating free mobile traffic and commissions.

Best of all, anyone can do this, and it will NEVER get saturated because of the crazy mobile growth that’s being experienced.

There are thousands of new apps realised every day, just waiting for your free mobile ads.

As you’ve seen, I’ve personally used the MAF formula to bring in six figure paydays.

You don’t even need to know the rock-bottom basics of affiliate marketing to be able to use this system.

That’s because we provide all the training, help and tools you need to get started pulling in free mobile traffic and commissions with ZERO knowledge required.

Your free mobile ads keep bringing in traffic around the clock without any additional input from you.

They’re like little robots that don’t sleep bringing you in commissions while you’re tucked up in bed!

The sad thing is many of you will have stopped watching this video by now because you’re so used to being scammed. If you’re still here, congratulations. Your fortune is about to change.

My reputation is on the line here.

The truth is… I can’t wait to see you start making big money with my Free Mobile Ads system.

It just gives me an incredible buzz to be able to do this for you.

And let’s be honest, I could charge thousands for this system with ease… But I want to help you make money, and you probably don’t have thousands to give. I don’t want to make it hard for you, but unfortunately I can’t offer this for free, else I’d be making a huge loss.

There are no recurring or monthly fees or anything shady like that involved.

I’m going to let you in on the entire formula for just $26 today.

The full Mobile Ads Free package including 9 training videos covering everything you need to know… Including exactly how I get Mobile Ads Free, and exactly which kind of offers and products to advertise with your free ads. Everything is taught in-depth with examples to illustrate throughout.

That’s an incredible price – I want to help YOU succeed and use you as a case study.

And to ease your mind even more and remove all the risk… I’m giving you a full two months to try it out.

I know you’ll love it, so there’s no big deal – but the option to get a refund is right there.

All it takes is two clicks and you’ll have a refund.

But I know you’ll never want one.

I’m even going to give you my personal email address for any questions you might have… And I don’t give that information out lightly.

So to get started with my automated traffic system… The exact same system I personally use to this day, responsible for banking six figure paydays… Here’s what I want you to do.

I want you to click the big ‘Add to Cart’ button below and pay the one off $26 membership fee.

You’ll instantly get access to the MAF system… And yes, it’s the full system I use… No shenanigans.

It will take you under 5 minutes to check-out once you hit the button below.

$47 Discount Applied!
- one time fee – instant access & 100% guaranteed

So I’ll see you in 5 in the members-only profit centre.

I can’t wait to get you started!

- Rick.

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